Restorative Dentistry: Exploring the Options for Repairing Damaged or Missing Teeth

When repairing damaged or missing teeth, restorative dentistry offers a range of options to restore your confident smile. From dental implants to veneers, bonding, and dentures, there are various ways to restore your dental health and aesthetic.

 In this blog post, we will explore the different types of restorative dentistry available and the benefits of each option.

Dental Implants – A Long-Term Solution for Missing Teeth

 Dental implants can survive for a lifetime with the right care and maintenance, unlike dentures or bridges, which are often temporary fixes.

Dental implants are inserted surgically into the jawbone to provide a solid and sturdy base for dentures. These implants comprise titanium, which can fuse with your jawbone to form a strong and long-lasting link.

There are several steps in the dental implant process. Your dentist will assess your oral health to see if you’re a good implant candidate.

Next, They will design a custom treatment strategy to insert the implant into your jawbone. An artificial tooth replacement that looks natural will be created by attaching a dental crown to an implant once it has integrated with your jawbone.

The fact that dental implants are strong and long-lasting is one of its advantages. Dental implants can last up to 25 years or more with the right maintenance.

Dental implants offer a long-term replacement for lost teeth while being more expensive than other restorative dental procedures.

Dentures – A Tried and Tested Solution for Missing Teeth

Dentures are available in full, partial, traditional, and immediate forms and can be tailored to fit the particular contours of a patient’s mouth. Partial dentures are made to bridge gaps in the mouth when only a few teeth are missing, whereas full dentures replace an entire set of upper and lower teeth.

The dental staff will take measurements and mold the patient’s mouth to make an accurate and natural-looking fit for dentures. Adjustments may be required over time to achieve the ideal fit, depending on the type of dentures.

Dentures may be easily cleaned and maintained because they are detachable, and patients can take them out when sleeping to rest their mouths.

Veneers – A Quick Fix for Chipped or Stained Teeth

Typically requiring little to no tooth reduction, veneers are a minimally invasive solution that can be applied over your natural teeth with little to no preparation.

Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth on the first visit and conduct a consultation to discuss your dental needs. With the use of this data, a customized plan is made that takes your veneers’ style and color into account.

To achieve a good fit, the dentist will prepare your teeth on the second visit by lightly scraping the front of each tooth’s enamel. The veneers are then attached to your teeth with dental glue. Within a few weeks after this reasonably simple surgery, you should see an improvement in the brightness and evenness of your smile.

Bonding – A Cost-Effective Solution for Minor Tooth Damage

Bonding is an excellent option for restoring your teeth if you have mild tooth damage, including chipping, cracking, or discoloration.

A tooth-colored resin is put to the surface of your teeth during the bonding operation, and it is then molded and hardened using a special light.

This resin is specially designed to match the color of your natural teeth and can repair small imperfections, gaps, or discoloration.

Compared to other restorative dentistry procedures, such as dental implants or veneers, bonding is a great option for patients looking for an affordable way to restore their smile.

Final Thoughts

At Smilestone Dental in Downtown Vancouver, we are aware of the stress and anguish that come with damaged or missing teeth. That is why we provide a variety of therapeutic dental choices to meet all needs and financial constraints.

Our team of qualified experts can assist you in identifying the best option for your needs, whether you’re searching for a long-term solution like dental implants or a temporary fix like veneers.

We are here to assist you in realizing your dream of having a bright, healthy smile. Contact us today to learn more about our therapeutic dentistry alternatives and set up a consultation.

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