How Long Does it Take to Get Dentures?

Have you been wondering about your teeth? Like, how to maintain them now and down the road? Maybe you’re dealing with problems like gaps or severely damaged teeth and aren’t sure what to do.

Well, there’s no need to worry. There are many ways to go about preserving and restoring your smile; one especially great method that you should consider is receiving dentures from a dentist near you.

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Everything You Need To Know About Dentures

Dentures are a prosthetic that are customized to fit your unique oral dimensions and give you your smile back. They’re fabricated from porcelain or resin, with a base that’s made to mimic the appearance of your gums; all this is done to ensure that your device looks as natural as possible.

Dentists typically recommend receiving dentures for patients who are missing multiple or all their teeth. Although this treatment is commonly associated with the elderly, anyone can wear dentures because we can lose teeth for a variety of reasons, not just aging. Illness, trauma, and taking certain medications are just a few other examples.

Additionally, if you’re having difficulty eating normally or your gums have started to recede, leaving your teeth loose in their sockets (which is a common symptom of gum disease), you may want to speak to a dentist in Downtown Vancouver about receiving dentures. During your consultation, they’ll be able to guide you through each stage of the process and address any questions or concerns you have.

Dentures FAQ

What does the process of receiving dentures entail?

Once your dentist has confirmed that you’re an ideal candidate for this treatment, you’ll need to come in for at least two more appointments.

A comprehensive oral evaluation will be done first, followed by a series of dental x-rays. Both these steps allow your dentist to develop an in-depth picture of your oral hygiene and the degree of care that you need. Next, they’ll take molds of your mouth; these are sent off to the dental lab where your dentures are made.

Approximately two to three weeks later, they’ll be ready, and you’ll return to receive them. Your dentist will ensure that they fit you properly and are comfortable before letting you go. And voila! A brand-new smile!

To learn more about acquiring dentures near you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your dentist.

How long should you wait to get dentures?

No one wants to meet with friends or family with an imperfect smile or without teeth; this just leaves room for feelings of self-consciousness. As a result, the majority of people look to receive dentures as soon as they can.

Can I still get dentures if I have gum disease?

Your dentures heavily rely on your gums and the ridges in your mouth to stay in place and not fall out. Even though you can receive fixed dentures or a special paste to help with this, in the end, if your gums aren’t healthy, your device can actually cause more harm than good.

So, the best course of action is to take care of your gums first, and then go about getting dentures.

What do I do if dentures aren’t for me?

Thanks to modern dental advancements, dentures aren’t the only option to explore if you need restorative dentistry. Dental implants and dental bridges are two great treatments as well.

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